Vintage baseball Gloves; Old, new, and used mitts, bats ... plus some other sports equipment.

I am a collector of vintage sports stuff, old phones, and radios but mostly baseball gloves. My sale list is below ...
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Last updated: 20July2012

Sales Notes: I want each person to be happy with the purchase/trade and I realize that a glove is a very personal thing to someone who is going to use it. Therefore, my policy is that a prospective buyer/trader may keep the glove for up to one week after receiving it. If you are not happy with the glove, then return it for a full refund minus the postage (assuming, of course, that the glove is in the same condition as when you received it.)

If you would like your baseball glove appraised or you would like information on your glove then please click here .

For Sale

Add S/H: Usually $12 for one or two gloves anywhere in the USA. Outside of USA, whatever the post office says.

PM = Personal Model; L or LHT = for southpaw; initials by price = a friend's glove





mid 80ís Ďtill now



Rawlings Pro B-C


This is a very rare and awesome glove. Large (12.5Ē), great leather from early 80ís with wingtip back.

Rawlings Pro-8


USA player glove , 12Ē, from the year they had that gold backing on the red label

Rawlings Pro-SPBB


USA beauty, near mint. 11-1/2Ē

Rawlings Pro-504BCB


NrMint/Mint glove.Same model Dave Cone used. Ready to use. 12Ē

Rawlings Pro-SBW


USA Heart Of the Hide Womenís Softball mitt.†† Broken In, ready to use. Has the wrist-guard too.

Rawlings K3 target mitt Johnny Bench endorsed


This is a really nice mitt if you overlook the ripped off orange target part. Game used by someone; RIP with #4.Any ideas?




Wilson A2000/PS3


Mint with tags outfield glove; 12.5Ē

Wilson A2000/PS1


Huge 13Ē open web outfield glove

Wilson A2000/1786


ProStock I-web infield glove; 11Ē

Wilson A1917 conform


Black lht nicely broken in Pro-Stock DFS Conform with Pro-Sleeve finger sleeve; Dual Welting




Mizuno GCS


11-1/4Ē infield glove; good player

Mizuno GTSU-7


World Win from the early Curley Bates days; outfield model.

Mizuno MT-DW


The ďdouble webĒ. Not ambidextrous but pretty close to that sort of thinking. Interesting, huh?

Mizuno GOC-7


Great outfield glove with World Win quality.

Mizuno MT8000 optiweb


This is a neat idea if you havenít seen it. The web has a tinted panel to protect against sun in the outfield.Pretty cool.

Louisville Slugger Orel Hershiser


Black 10Ē youth glove; LPS66H










60ís to mid 80ís



Rawlings KM10 Brooks Robinson


Well, many of you have asked for leightweight, nice quality, USA broken-in, vintage gloves that you or your kids can use. Here it is. AND Bellows web!

Rawlings XPGP


Another classic restored by Kenny Jenkins. Check out all the pics.

Rawlings Pro-CLT USA


A rare model in EX+ condition with CANTILEVER web.

Rawlings Pro-LT USA


Classic catcherís mitt; Lite Toe

Rawlings Mike Schmidt KM10


Good light model, nice pocket, good choice for junior high/high school. Wingtip, flexomatic.




Rawlings DCT-7 HOH


Iíve never seen another, let alone in mint condition with the original hang tag

Rawlings DDW-FB


Very unusual pro-stock basemanís mitt in NrMint condition; the same model the Johnny Bench used when he was at first base.

Rawlings Bill White CMP


60ís HOH in EX+ condition.

Rawlings Eddie Mathews XPG10


In incredibly nice condition inside and out

Rawlings Mike Schmidt KM10


Very light infield glove. USA 70ís

Rawlings CMP Bill White


mid 60ís basemanís mitt.Good player too.

A rare HOH model 423??


Ok. I didnít fool you on this one. But, seriously, check out the bull in the pocket no this one. WF model 423 with pinky and thumb loop and L-heel.

Rawlings wagon wheel web knockoff


A Palomares model 210 endorsed by Ebulon Hernandez Jr. (not sure of the first name, sorry)

Rawlings XPG7 Billy Williams


MINT XPG7 Billy Williams two-toned.What can I say?lht




Rawlings Brooks Robinson


XFCB30; looks good; feels great. Longhorn fastback; soft honey colored glove.

Rawlings Billy Williams


XFCB HOH lht with bellows web

Rawlings Ken Boyer


TG15 trapeze lht .rare early Heart of the Hide




Spalding Jim Bunning Personal Model 42-121

$325-sale pending

This is a beautiful glove for collecting or for playing; equal to the Rawlings TT10




Spalding 42-4312


Basemanís mitt from 70ís. Super Trapper slot-back model.†† Lht.Very nice player mitt too.

Spalding Frank Bolling 42-211


Personal model = Rawlings HPG3




Spalding Jim Bunning 42-102


Jim Bunning Personal Model (same as Rawlings TGP); mint, with box with pricetag too.12Ē

Spalding 42-2132††


Mint with the Box.Perfect. Top of the line.A wonderful example of craftsmanship through and throughThe lining is like butter, like butta I tell ya! 12Ē

Spalding 42-2131


Top quality Spalding almost like XFCB Rawlings




Wilson A2000XL


USA open back, excellent player glove; early 80ís; 12Ē

Wilson A2000XLC USA


Late 70ís closed back; great player glove; 12Ē







MacGregor PCXS catcherís mitt


Excellent useable player mitt; Premium Prohide model (initial TBA on it).Ready to use now and nicely broken in.




Pre 1960



Wilson A2000


The one that started it all. Need I say more.

Spalding Marvel 102


Pro Model luscious top of the line (í49-í51) catcherís mitt in superb condition; fleece lined wrist

Rawlings Mickey Mantle MM5


Very nice condition classic MM5

Geo Reach Pro Model COL


A classic example of a Pro Model s/f glove in superb condition

George McQuinn Rawlings T70


Another classic Rawlings trapper.

Stan Musial Marathon 60-4236


Still lots of silver left in this classic. Big, clean, well-built mit.




Charlie Keller Wards-Marathon 60-4226


NrMint/Mint (only shelf wear) with the original box.

Terry Moore Western G1381


Unique endorsed 2-finger glove in clean and very nice condition

D&M G55


Beautiful clean horsehide with a nice patch and button.

KenWell Harry Gumbert


Extra Large; great patch; great buy, very clean




Ewell Blackwell MacGregor Goldsmith


A classic from the 50ís in great shape.




Joe Dimaggio OK


OK Horsehide; USA model, big, well built, clean.

Harry Walker JCHiggines 1656


Looks like it just came off the shelf.

Spalding Rocky Colavito 1041


Small glove but beautiful condition.

Classic old 20ís glove


Hereís a classic old glove from the 20ís and itís in pretty nice shape too.

Richie Ashburn MacGregor OAE1


Oregon Athletic Equipment Company; Portland, Ore.MacGregor Ďoutsourcedí from 50ís with MacGregor button. Very good leather, feel, and lacing.




Rawlings Walker Cooper NWC


The classic of classic catcherís mitts.(Rawlings black label on this one.)




MacGregor Goldsmith SG


This is a really unusual glove that Iíve had in my collection for many years.Ambidextrous? Patch is upside down. Great leather.ďTHE SNAREĒ




Nokona Carl Erskine G57


The classic.Hard to come by.




Rawlings RR Red Rolfe


Yep. There it is.How many of these have you seen?You could say it was Al Gionfriddoís if you took a picture in the mirror!And this one has the dot after the RR which might indicate that it was made for the pros, especially with the rolled laced web.




MacGregor Goldsmith Richie Ashburn G116


Nice 50ís glove signed on the thumb by the man himself.

Wilson Del Ennis


A2910 top quality glove with v-anchoring; late 50ís.




Rudy York Westernís G1342


Very cool old basemanís mitt with a web that reminds me of a lobster net or something.Nice soft leather.

Victor/Wright/Diston basemanís mitt


This isbeautyand has the patch in the unusual location of on the lining and not the back.CoolnessHereís the patch. And markings.††† And front.




Hawthorne Red Schoendienst


Model: RS - Mr. Shortstop - Mint very soft personal model with I-web; U.S.A.




Gamer/ Game Model gloves



Shane Nance Wilson Conform A1917


Great glove, signed on back of dual hinge web along with #47; finger ramp, classic and still a great player glove toowith signed card.

Mizuno Dennis Rutter New Yankees M1000


Game used by Yankee prospect. This mitt is the oldest nicest Mizuno Iíve ever seen with special gold stamping and a great R.K. Mizuno patch. Early 60ís.

Heathcliff Slocumb MWV-500


I hope the pics speak for itself.Except the pics donít show the very cool white padding that he put in the lining of the glove.Marked with a cross, 51, JH, D.C.S. and signed.

Scott Bradley Mizuno CE-5H


Signed and with great game use AND still lots of life left in it if you want to use it too.

Sean Green Louisville Pro 2C


Great game use. Still a great player glove too. Hey, itís a pro quality glove! Signed.

Dave Roberts Mizuno GPT-5N


An early Curley Bates Mizuno; Cubs, Giants, Pirates, Mariners pitcher. Embroidered and signed and dated í79 .

Rawlings Pro H-F Leon Roberts


Iím not sure about this one but I think itís Leon Robertsí glove. Feels great on the hand.

Mizuno MWV-600 Danny Shaeffer gamer


Quintessential infield glove; perfect condition. Signed on back and name on the patch.

Rawlings Pro 12-TC Paul Runge gamer


Absolutely beautiful signed glove from the Bravesí infielder.




Cal Ripken Jr. Pro 6-HF commemorative 2131 glove


Be the only kid on your block to own one of these! Really, as far as we know, there were only six of these commemorative game model gloves made.Mint with tags.If youíre looking for a great glove for Cal to sign, I donít think you could beat this.

Rawlings Dennis Martinez


XPG6-H is the same model that Mantle used.Great gamer from Martinez.

Rawlings Ozzie Smith gamer


This is by far the best glove in my collection.Itís both signed by Ozzie and it has his sorbet pad that was made especially for him.Not only that, itís actually stamped TG12 and the leather is, well, nothing short of fantastic. ††LOA included.

Rawlings XPG3 Ė Steve Nicosia


Gprobable game used fielderís glove from catcher Steve Nicosia from the 80ís when with Pirates/Giants.Great feel to this glove. His name is in block on the thumb and he signed it on the wrist strap.No LOA but all the markings would indicate it being a gamer for utility play.

Rawlings XFG2-P Ė Jerry Terrell


Another old game used glove from the 70ís, this time, by Jerry Terrell.He played for the Twins and the Royals.This is also a rare model glove in superb condition.His name is on the back of the pinky and his #1 is on the web although faint now.

Jay Ragni (Pacific Coast League)


Nokona G57 Carl Erskine model (Ragni was a southpaw); 1952.

? Ė Don Gullett or Woody Fryman or perhaps Randy Jones


Pro stock Rawlings XFG6-P with #35 on it.

David Segui


Great Rawlings first base mitt from a tremendous glover








Some bats and other stuff:




AMF vintage varsity lettermanís sweater


Vintage (I donít know how old; maybe 50ís-70ís) AMF maroon size 38 lettermanís sweater in original package.Never worn.

H&B Cal Ripken Jr.


Brand new store model bat; 180, 35Ē; great for getting signed.

Adirondack Jackie Robinson


Model 2500 black 28" Youth League Model

Adirondack George Vukovich


Model 212B black bat; Professional Model; 32"




Puma Tornado track spikes


Size 10-1/2 mint in box; blue/white stripe

Puma Hurricane track spikes


Size 10-1/2 mint in box; orange/blue

Brooks track spikes


Classic vintage USA Brooks track and field spikes; mint with box, size 11, blue/yellow nylon uppers and seven spike bottom. I donít know the age of these but Iíd guess the 70ís. Model on inside is 8721. Box says Brooks; Hanover, Pa., U.S.A.

Adidas Spezial (Gazelle)


Size 10-1/2 USA; blue/white with gum bottom

Adidas Melbourne


Great retro flats; white/green. Mint in box. Size 11-1/2 USA

Adidas Saturn


Wow. I remember these from the 60ís.This is a pair of mint in the box Adidas Saturn spikes, size 7-1/2, Made In West Germany, red suede or kangaroo with white stripes; standard four spike bottom.

Adidas World Cup 66


Pair of size 11.5/USA; 11-UK Adidas World Cup í66 black/white stripe.Mint in box with tags. Nice shoes!




Adidas Finalist tennis shoes


A vintage pair of tennis shoes, size 10, that have never been worn but the white canvas uppers have some brown discoloring which I think could be cleaned but Iím not going to try.

Adidas Jesse Owens shoes


Hard to find Jesse Owens replicas, mint/box size 11.5

Adidas Titan blue shoes


Size 11(UK), 11-1/2 (USA); with box; new; (2 pounds)

Kodachrome 25 slide film


A sealed pack of 10 boxes of Kodak Kodachrome 35mm, 36 exposure,ISO 25/15deg color slide film that has been deep frozen since purchase from B&H.

20Ē Strand of Tahitian pearls sorry about the flash on the picture; they are much prettier in person


This beautiful 20Ē strand of Tahitian black pearls which are grey/silver in color and would make one incredible gift.14K gold clasp. Comes with appraisal ($5,270)







Spalding Wilt Chamberlain baseketball


Model 163 basketball from the 60ís

Bata Running Shoes


White jogging shoes, size 10-/12 new in box

US Navy Bomberís jacket

$175 ns

Great USN leather flight jacket from 60ís/70ís.††




Royal Scot / Raleigh classic bike


Royal Scot / Raleigh classic 50's 3-speed bicycle/bike; black for sale.30Ē .Rides fine. Comes with baskets too.Made In England, of course. Sturmey Archer 3-sp.And the most comfortable Brooks saddle.

Seiko Cal A826 chronograph


Seiko A826 choronograph wrist watch is the same model that Doc Brown used in ďBack To The FutureĒ Ė cool watch with lanyard/trigger for recording split times.

Omega Olympic size chronograph


Omega 30 second split flyback Olympic chronograph stopwatch.With red box. 21 jewels, 68mm diameter, model MG1135/cal.191.

Omega Day/Date/Moonphase wristwatch


Magnificent 40ís watch in working order; rose gold top, stainless back

McIntosh 1900 receiver


MAC 1900 .Excellent tuner in this (I believe) first McIntosh solid state receiver. Works fine.

Teac 3340S


Teac 3340S reel to reel, 4-channel, with original box




Shure 555 microphone Elvis type


Classic old wide microphone that you see in so many pictures of classic singers from the 40ís and 50ís.

Bel Canto DAC2


Bel Canto DAC-2 digital to analog converter; excellent+ condition; original owner; non-smoking environment. Includes a 1-meter DH Labs digital cable.

Wharfedale Moving Coil Speaker


Never used Wharfedale Bronze 8Ē unit 10,000 lines, 5 watts, 15 Ohms, in original box (box in just good condition)

Looking for Rogers LS3/5aís?


Theyíre gone!

IMF ALS30 speakers


Perfect pair of small to mid-sized speakers from 1981.

IMF TLS50 II transmission line speakers


Studio MonitorsSee this website for more info on the TLS 50 II; dimensions: 96 cm x 36 cm x 38 cm each, 27kgs weight.

IMF Professional Monitor speakers


Incredible pair of transmission line speakers.If you know what these are, you know how great they are. Excellent condition.

IMF RSPM Mk 3 speakers


Top of the line IMFís with B139 Kef woofer and B110 mid; 4-way.

IMF TLS50 transmission line speakers


Pair of nice floor standing speakers. Nice bass and sound. #0813R, 0813L Studio MonitorsSee this website for more info on the TLS 50; dimensions: 96 cm x 36 cm x 38 cm each, 27kgs weight.




Western Electric 302 red telephone


Western Electric 302 colored telephone in red thermoplastic; perfect deskset.Works too. Marked 1952 on inside.

Western Electric old rose 302 telephone


Western Electric 302 telephone in old rose thermo plastic.Works fine. Made in 1950.

Western Electric railroad scissors phone


This is an odd phone.It is the type of scissors phone that was used in railroad offices but someone (not I) has tried to add a push button dialing mechanism. Comes with original headset and extra brown cords that went with it.




Meissner model 2961 console radio from 1946/1947


A beauty outside and inside. AM/FM/SW/phono. Fully restored and sounds great.

Atwater Kent 317J


1930ís Atwater Kent model 317-J tombstone tabletop radio.All original. BC/SW. Fine tuning feature. Very nice.

Zenith Transoceanic A600L


Zenith A-600L trans-oceanic brown leather multi-band, portable, with wave-magnet, original operating manual and schematic. Works and looks great.

Stromberg 27 console


Beautiful 30ís console working great. Just look!

Sparton Model 930 "Equasonne" 1929 console radio


Wood, inner dial, lower cloth grille with cut-outs,

double front doors, stretcher base, 3 knobs, BC, 9 Tubes.

Electrically restored, working great. Cabinet near perfect, with original finish. Crating for long distance shipping $85.

 Set of eight school letterpresses

$7@ or all for $40

Parkland Union School District, Mitiv Da Praeparatio 1959, Pearl River High School, La Quinta High School, West Orange Mountain High, The Stowe Preparatory School, Marple Newtown Senior High, Independent Home Government 1639

(Whethersfield Connecticut)

Sunbeam Mixer


A classic Model 7 Mixmaster from the 1930ís.

Optimus Speakers


Optimus PRO LX4 speakers; great bookshelfs

Sports Illustrated Ben Hawkins


Nice 60's poster of the great Eagles' wide receiver. (free if your name is Dude)



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 Glove Repairs: Many of you have written and asked me about repairing/restoring your old great gloves. Well, there is no longer a reason for despair. If you seriously want to restore your old gloves, especially Rawlings, then Kenny is the guy to do it. Up until Rawlings closed its repair shop last year, you would have dealt with Kenny at Rawlings in Missouri. Now he is doing it on his own. And Iím not just talking about minor stuff like cleaning and relacing; Iím talking about redoing the padding, rebinding, redoing the thumb and pinky loops that so often break, and (YES) relining those beater gloves that have 40 years of your acidic sweat in there! Now, you all have seen some of the Ďexpertí work done by other people out there. Donít get me wrong, I applaud their efforts but you should really see some before and after pictures of Kennyís work. Itís like you get your old glove back and you will then be able to use it for another 20 years. Enough: you see for yourself: goto: and please tell Kenny I sent you, ok? To see three before and three after pictures or Kennyís work, click here.


Payment: I prefer money orders or cashierís checks for payment but will also accept a personal check and then hold the item until it clears. If you are in a real hurry, I do accept payment via Paypal. (paypal/credit card: add 3%; otherwise no charge. Also, add 1% for foreign currency conversion.). You can sign up for Paypal at .Note:I no longer accept foreign money orders or checks because our banks now charge a ridiculous fee to process them.

Sad Note and Warning:†† Benny Ayala is a thief.I regret to have to report to all you other glove collectors to be very wary when dealing with Benny Ayala, the former major league baseball player.I sent him $1,200 for four mitts and he never sent the gloves even after half a dozen phone calls and emails.†† Bennyís address is: PO Box 222, Dorado, Puerto Rico00646 and his email is benny.Ayala.27@gmail.comandhis phone number is: 787-526-8020. In fact, the only email Iíve received from Benny has been a link to a computer virus so I would also warn you against opening his emails!
Glove collecting has been a great hobby and in all the years Iíve been collecting, Iíve only had one other such incident.I hope this does not happen to you.
If you happen to see any of these mitts for sale, please let me know as they might be the ones I was supposed to receive:
Benito Santiago, Bengie Molina, Ivan Rodriquez and another Ivan Rodriguez.Thanks.